Floating Top Water Baits
  • Lure Type: Popper - Jointed
  • Lure Weight: 11g   
  • Lure Length: 70mm
  • Hooks: It is armed with White 2*2 x strong Breaking Hook
  • Rings: Quality Bearking Flat rings
  • 7Colors: Col.A, Col.B, Col.C, Col.D, Col.E,Col.F, Col.G
  • Pursuing the leading technology for continuous advancement in manufacturing and design. 
  • Staying at the forefront of fish behavioral studies and its application to product research and development.
  • creates more bite by wide wave motion and strengthened flashing effect.
  • Honeycomb super HP body is the first special structure in the industry that made coexistence of intensity and a weight saving. 
  • Sometimes low impact clear body attracts bass more responding to the color of water or condition of bass. 
  • Gift  :Each bait including one bearking fishing tackle stickers.
  • All baits are Pure Handmade
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Floating Top Water Baits


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