Emergency Waterproof Blanket Tent


  • Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
  • Feature: Light, reflections
  • Material: PET
  • Unfold Size: 137 x 210 cm
  • Folding Size: 15.5 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Color: Gold, Silver


  • Covers the body when accidents happen to avoid body temperature dropping.
  • Keeping body warm when car breaks down at night or in cold area.
  • Could be used as reflective film to send signal to rescuer.
  • The emergency blanket can open as canopy in a rainy day.
  • Can cover front windshield to lower the interior temperature of car.
  • Good tenacity, can be used as stretcher.
  • Can put in the sleeping bag (not included) to keep warm.
  • Can be folded into a small size, compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Can be stored for several years, very economical.
  • Suits for outdoor sporters, visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climbers etc. 
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Emergency Waterproof Blanket Tent


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